Deepak Sharma and Sampoorna Yoga inspire individuals with free Yoga classes

The current pandemic has restricted our mobility, deeply affecting our mental and physical health. Deepak Sharma, founder and CEO of Sampoorna Yoga mentioned,  “Yoga is a way of life, it isn’t a mere form of physical activity. There are numerous cases around the world wherein people have been cured of critical illnesses through Yoga. One may feel tired or exhausted post heavy exercises but with Yoga, one revitalizes.”

Deepak Sharma along with Eli Aguilar has been transforming the lives of individuals worldwide through their institute, Sampoorna Yoga. All the Yoga enthusiasts need to do is visit and select from wide range of courses. With more than 11,000 graduates, Sampoorna Yoga has been spreading the wisdom of Yoga with its extensive teacher training courses. More than 3000 Yoga teachers in the United Kingdom itself, have graduated from the institute.

With free Yoga Classes, Deepak and Eli aim at giving back to the society. Yoga classes have already commenced from the 14th of June and shall continue until the 21st of June via Zoom. Classes might continue even after 21st June to inspire people to look after their physical and mental well-being.

Source: Deccanherald

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