Davinder Singh- A greatest Indian athlete with a time record of 400m

It isn’t everyday that you see a gold-medalist athlete walking the ramp for a celebrated designer like J.J. Walaya! But Davinder Singh was not born to do things that you see every day. His mission in life, right from the start, has been to do things differently, be it sports or life.

Born on July 20, 1991, to Harbhajan Singh, a retired officer of the Punjab Police, and Baldev Kaur, a home-maker, Davinder was inspired to become a sportsperson right since childhood. This was because his father was an accomplished long jumper and his sister, Manjeet Kaur, is a record-holder sprint runner. Together, Davinder’s family pushed him towards a career in sport and nurtured his natural talent for athletics. 

As a teenager, Davinder joined a sports academy in Jalandhar to begin his sports journey under the watchful guidance of coaches Ram Partap Singh and Sarabjeet Singh Happy. Hard work and perseverance saw Davinder playing district, state and then national level sports events. In no time, his personal tally had 16 medals in it. The medals kept pouring in and today he is touted as an athlete to watch out for. His personal best is sprinting 400m in 47.21 sec at Chennai in 2013 & running 4x400m in 3.06.00 min.

So far, Davinder Singh, whose friends call him “Malai”, owing to his complexion since childhood, has earned gold, silver and bronze medals in different track & field events right from National Games to different regional contests. One of his best performances has been sprinting 400m in 47.32 seconds at the “51st National Interstate Senior Athletics Championship” in Bengaluru, for which he won the silver medal.

He is a role model for the aspiring athletes of the country. This is one role that this tall and handsome athlete takes very seriously. This is why, when he was invited to the reality show, Mr. Punjab, as a special judge, he was seen encouraging young contestants to pursue a career in sports.

Now, Davinder Singh has donned a new avatar on his Instagram handle, davinder_singh400m. Gone is the sweaty athletic wear and, in its place, Davinder is seen showing off the most stylish outfits, obviously thanks to his role as an influencer for youngsters. He has featured in quite a few music videos of Punjabi music industry. And the 71k+ people who follow him on Instagram are proof that this sportsman is headed for a bright future, be it in the arena of sports or glamour!

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