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In selecting the right career, there are two main things: what I can do and what I should do? Another factor is at what stage we should make a career decision? What you can do depends on your skills, natural interest or inclination towards a particular career. Your ambitions for a career sometimes can be superficial, due to superimposed reasons or even due to confidence also.

But what one should do depends on how successful a person would be in that profession. However, apart from all this, is there anything else to select the best career with some authentic advice. So we spoke to Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of the best astrologers in India, in this series of interviews. He says you are born with a purpose in your present life and how you achieve it needs direct support of what your horoscope says for your career, apart from your own skills, inclination and interest.

He says the right time for career guidance is when you select your education subject to decide the field that will suit you the best and whether you should pursue that profession as an employee or employer. The answers to all this are embedded in your horoscope by date of birth. Just make sure you are doing it all with your correct birth details, mainly the birth time. With this, get career guidance by birth details, he says. Here is the glimpse of our discussions with him on Career guidance by date of birth. 

Can we select a profession based on zodiac sign?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – Yes Zodiac sign has an important role in career selection. There are twelve Zodiac signs divided into four elements’ categories: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each category has some fundamental and inherent characteristics and behavioural traits that govern three signs falling in that category. 

I will explain: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fiery signs. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Airy signs. The earthy signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces are watery signs. Broadly speaking, the fiery signs are passionate, dynamic, enterprising and exuberant. Airy signs natives are intellectuals, expressive, excellent orators and curious. Earthy signs natives are practical, determined, preservers and grounded.

Watery sign natives are intuitive and emotional. These fundamental characteristics give them support if they select a career with these inherent qualities and requirements. In a career like teaching, you may need more of expressive power, in a business; you may need more of passion, dynamism and enterprising qualities. Here I would not like to mention any particular Career for any Zodiac sign as career guidance by date of birth needs to consider many other factors including a very deep analysis of the 10th house. Therefore, I don’t want to give any specific recommendation for any career for any Zodiac sign lest anyone makes a vague choice. Career guidance by date of birth starts as early as when selecting the education subject when you are a child. 

What factors influence decision for career selection?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – The main factors influencing a person to make a career selection decision are generally known. But still, I will explain the major factors that can influence a career decision.

  • Personal interest – This is the most factor in the career decision of any person.
  • Parents’ desire – it can be pressure also sometimes. Say if the parents are in business or in a specific profession like Doctors, Lawyers and likewise.
  • Peers influence- Friends in the known circle or siblings, especially if some are highly successful in a particular career. (3/11th)
  • Successful people in a specific career in the past – Yes, it can also influence career selection decisions like CAs, Engineers were the prominent choice about two decades ago. 
  • Potential of a particular profession – Like Career in Digital/medical field these days.
  • Your affordability for a career – Sometimes, people miss pursuing the best career as the overall expense involved could be higher, like MBAs from premium institutes or travel abroad for distinguished courses.

But let me tell you that the answers to all these career-related factors are embedded in your horoscope itself. First, the Zodiac sign shows the inclination of a person based on the basic characteristics of that sign, as explained above. Your D-1 Chart and Lord of the 1st house shows your personality and its stance when you deal with others in different aspects of life. The position of Sun(father) and Moon(mother) show how strongly these persons can influence your career decision. Your 3rd and 11th house show the extent of impact, your siblings and friends or community can have on you. So all such factors can be seen from a person’s horoscope and rationalised to select the best career.

How to select best Education subject for the child by birth details?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – To select the best education subject by date of birth means studying some specific houses and positioning of planets in those houses. Like each Zodiac Sign has some inherent characteristics, the same way, each of the nine planets supports a career in some of the other fields. One has to see the influence of planets in the 5th house and Lord of the 5th house as to which planet is strong and which planet is weak. For example, a weak Sun in the horoscope may not give success in a career that needs more mathematical skills or, say Govt. job and politics. A weak Jupiter may not support a career in journalism, management studies, literature or higher finance and economics related career. 

Then we have to examine the 2nd house to judge the ability to learn and the 4th and 9th houses to judge the ability to carry the selected education subject for final success in that career. One can read more on my website “best education subject by date of birth”, and many other good astrology sites. But these are all technical assessments for which it is better to consult a good career astrologer than making vague guesses and wrong decisions. 

How to decide between job and business by date of birth?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – To choose between job or business by date of birth means again examining some specific houses in your birth chart and the position of different planets in those houses. You see, you want a promising career for success and that you should decide based on whatever I have explained so far. One need not be a businessman always to be successful. You see, many “employees” are at the pinnacle of success like in Google, Microsoft and Adobe etc. Many people in business have shrunk into the disguise after reaching the pinnacle. Many persons who excel in their jobs get prompted to start their own businesses in the same line/trade but fail. That is where one has to examine whether your horoscope has an Employer Yoga or Employee Yoga? 

Now to guide you between job or business by date of birth is not a novice’s job or not a matter of hit and trial. Any decision based on simply D-1, Lagna chart is likely to falter or stall success in your otherwise exemplary career. It needs a thorough examination of the 10th house, 10th house Lord to gauge your ambitions, authority and self-control. I hope you understand; we need all these traits equally when you decide to do business or a job. We have to see the 3rd house and its Lord to check courage to take the initiative, we have to see the 5th house and its Lord to understand the capability to take risk and be speculative and intuitive. We need to check the 7th house and Lord to see success in a business partnership. The same way we see 9th and 11th houses to check dignity, fortune, Govt. impact and gains in a person’s life. 

The traits above mentioned have totally different impacts when you are an employee or employer so let the analysis be done by someone who knows the subject. You can read about  how to select between job and business by date of birth, but please do not draw any inferences out of it yourself. 

Last but not least, let me tell you, take a conscious and properly evaluated decision and take proper career guidance by date of birth. Don’t forget your career affects your married and family life and vice versa. Yes, you read it right and that way, please note that all houses in your birth chart have an intrinsic relationship. Here we are talking about Career guidance by date of birth, so I have given more insight into how to select the best career by your birth chart. 

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of the best astrologers in India, who has given similar insights on all aspects of Vedic Astrology on his website

Source: Outlook India


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