Ayush Gupta shared importance of his book Reiki

With an attempt to raise awareness among the individuals, Reiki by Ayush Gupta is a book highlighting the meaning and importance of Reiki and how it can help in transforming the lives of millions.

Written by a celebrated tarot reader, the book portrays his inspiring journey from being a youngster to a two-time world record holder. It also facilitates a scientific understanding of ‘ healing through REIKI’ and endeavors to impart practical guidance to master this ancient art. Tarot may be becoming more mainstream, but not everyone is familiar with the practice. Hence, this book will take you through the origins of Reiki and its significance in the modern world.

The second wave of the Covid pandemic caused drastic consequences. Misfortune, torment, and deprivation turned into a piece of life for each and every individual. While the period brought unprecedented challenges to the lives of billions, numerous individuals and people in this period sought refuge in the psychic. This book will enlighten people who believe in the power of reiki and are constant believers of the practice.

Reiki by Ayush Gupta

Talking about the book, Ayush Gupta says, “This book is an amalgamation of my journey and my ultimate experience with Reiki which motivated me to write something that would benefit larger masses. The book offers insights that will help you make sense of many cultural aspects that have influenced the practice of Reiki. If you’re holding on to worry energy, thinking about future events can produce negative emotions, this book will help you release all your negative energy so you can have an easier time living in the present moment and worrying less about the future. I hope people will read and find their own ways of getting engaged with the practice.

Talking about the author, Ayush is a renowned author, celebrated tarot card reader who holds the world record for being the youngest Reiki healer in the world. Getting inspired by his father, he started reiki at the age of seven years and has been working since then with some of the prominent Bollywood celebrities who have gained immense benefits with his expertise and competence. This young man has also been working for the recovery of Covid patients at this time of need. Seeing his mother recover from disease as deadly as cancer through the medium of Reiki, Ayush stands assured that this technique can bring a big change in the realm of healing.

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