Anand Parmar : I Make Music That Benefits The Soul and The Health

Music can impact people in deep-rooted ways that you cannot even imagine. It improves memory and task endurance, lifts your mood, and alleviates anxiety and sadness. It improves your pain tolerance and drives you to work out more successfully.

Serving music as a conduit for information,  Mr Anand Parmar is a singer, composer, and performer who manages his music production company under the name “Anand Parmar Production”.  He ensures that music reaches every ear and comforts the spirit within. There are numerous benefits of music and to experience the same make sure to connect at –

Now he’s working on a new song called “Bus Tu…….” This song has yet to be released, but it will be available shortly through a major music company. His catchy music will make you want to get up and dance. Anand Parmar Production’s music therapy sessions help reduce fatigue in persons getting medical treatments and enhance the tiredness threshold in persons suffering from health difficulties.

Mr Anand Parmar’s debut musical endeavour, “Sukun,” was directed by an international team and shot in Moscow. Meri Kahani, one of the most memorable singles he co-created, was released by Zee music firm, with his banner handling the audio, visual, and vocals.

His professional musical adventure began in 1999, when he performed in Super Singer Channel Talent Hunt’99 and Sa Re Ga Ma, Picnic Antakshari in 2003, and rose to prominence while receiving some compensation and acknowledgment from them.

He was also given the “Best Singer Award in 2010” by the All-India Free Writing Society and the MTNL Perfect Health Mela Achievements. Saregama 2003 runner-up. When he won the Talent Hunt Channel in 1999, he added another feather to his crown.

Under Zee music labels, his first international project ‘Haseen Raaton Mein’, a Hindi single was shot in Dubai. His efforts were reflected in his global reach. On YouTube, this song has already received over a million views. He is coming up with something new, big and exciting. There will be more in the future; all you have to do is remain tuned.

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