Actress Urmila Jagtap cover in Marathi song “Andhar Savlicha”

The much-awaited song will be produced under Shrinivas Kulkarni’s production, starring Urmila Jagtap.

Isn’t it wonderful to learn about all those individuals who have been acing the game of entertainment, especially now when the world needs it the most, amidst trying times? Well, there are several artists, musicians, productions houses, etc., who are giving in their best to offer something new to their audiences and make sure to provide the entertainment and the sense of joy and happiness they seek.

This has given rise to many producers in the recent past, who have spellbound audiences with their choice of songs they create and also touch the right chords of the audience’s hearts effortlessly. Doing exactly that is Shrinivas Kulkarni, an ace producer, who has now come with yet another song titled “Andhar Savlicha”, which is seen as a potential hit, just like the songs he has produced previously.

What is even more amazing to learn about the much-talked-about song is that it features talented Marathi actress Urmila Jagtap, who has already created an impressive body of work with her projects in the Marathi entertainment world with drama, films, TV, short films, etc. She would be gracing the song with her presence as the lead, and all her fans and followers can’t hold their excitement already.

Andhar Savlicha is produced by none other Shrinivas Kulkarni and directed by Yogesh Anil Tawar. Talking about the song, producer Shrinivas Kulkarni says that there are several beautiful songs in Marathi theatre that, after the play ends, never get noticed and never get the due attention it deserves.

To bring these songs to life in front of a larger audience, he decided to take the rights of some of the songs from theatre and create a music video. For some songs, he even approached their original singers and extended the length of the same. This is a new concept, turning drama songs into music videos.

Andhar Savlicha is the first song, amongst the songs that the producer has selected to be made into music videos, and Urmila Jagtap would be playing the lead. Nikita Purandare’s voice effortlessly suits Urmila Jagtap, and the lyrics are penned by Akshay Sant, with soothing music by Swapnil Sawant. The song is picturized in the mesmerizing location of Kasat Wada, Mulshi, with flawless camera work by Rahul Zende.

Vaibhav Lamture is the Production Head, while Amol Ghodke has worked as the Creative Head. The music of Andhar Savlicha has been arranged by Subodh Bhagat. Stills are by Pranav Sing, and the marketing consultant is Sumit Jindal.

We can’t wait for the newest song Andhar Savlicha, a new concept by Shrinivas Kulkarni, to release soon.

source: theindiasaga

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