11 years old Artist and Fitness Influencer : Rupisha Sarkar

Yes! Rupisha Sarkar is just eleven years and is already well versed with music and fitness, both of which help her to have an escape from the otherwise monotonous routine of sitting at home amid the pandemic.

Age is just a number and it does not correlate with talent and skills. Individuals are defying the orthodox metrics set by society to measure skills. This is the reason that helps new talent to surface and become known among the public. Rupisha Sarkar is one such kid who is brimming with talent and carving out space for herself in the influencer industry at a nascent age of just 11 years. Yes! Rupisha Sarkar is just eleven years and is already well versed with music and fitness, both of which help her to have an escape from the otherwise monotonous routine of sitting at home amid the pandemic.

Rupisha’s Inspiration

Rupisha Sarkar was born in Mumbai and moved to Kolkata after a few years due to the job transition of her parents. She was born in 2010 and showed immense love for music at a very tender age. She hummed the tunes of popular songs and was a very active kid among her friends. Her mother and father are the main inspiration behind her transcendence to the musical journey. Her parents are firm believer in working only for what she loves and wanted his child to pursue whatever suited her interest. They were amazed at the tonality of her voice and her understanding of Sur and encouraged her to practice singing.

Musical Original and cover Tracks

Rupisha Sarkar has a sung quite a few songs which are popular on many music streaming services which include Wynk, Gaana, Spotify, Sound Cloud, etc. Her work is recognized by Spotify and she is a Spotify vetted artist, a title which is very difficult to achieve at such a tender age. The last few months have been quite hectic for Rupisha Sarkar. She has released two new songs which are originals sung by her and composed by her father.

The first song “Khubsurat” which displays her affection for nature and emphasis on nurturing it until our last breath. The second song is titled “Bolo maa” is an ode to all the loving mothers who are the strongest pillar of society. Both of her songs are climbing the charts and slowly gaining popularity on most music streaming platforms. She also publishes her musical covers and original songs on her YouTube channel, Rupisha Sarkar Music, which is attracting the attention of young audiences. 

Why Music?

Rupisha Sarkar says, “Music makes me feel complete. I am fortuitous to have such loving parents who motivate me to do better in life. My father is the pillar of my music career who also doubles up as my lyricist for my original songs. He has an indescribable connection with music and precisely knows what words make a captivating song.”

What is your long-term plan about your music career?

Rupisha Sarkar loves a challenge. She says, “The music industry has so much variety today that I need to learn and explore different genres of music. I try to recreate my own versions of songs that connect with my heart and release a cover. My priority is to not hurry and pace myself into the music industry as it is better to be equipped with knowledge first rather than becoming a one-hit-wonder.

I want to make the audience understand that music takes a lot of effort from the artist and other working people behind the scenes to get it done. Fortunately, I have my father by my side who is always ready to work on something new.”

Rupisha Sarkar isn’t just confined to the music and has one more talent in her kitty. She is an avid fitness aficionado who understands the importance of fitness in life and the correct way to maintain it. She has a separate YouTube channel, Rupisha Sarkar Fitness, dedicated to fitness where she shares her personal experience and tried and tested workouts to improve fitness. 

Why is fitness so undervalued today?

Rupisha Sarkar explains, “Teenagers are very lazy today. We don’t like to pop out of our room and are hooked to computers, games, and social media. We rarely give a thought to our body and show concern about the drastic effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The result is uncontrollable obesity, increased anxiety, insomnia, etc to name a few. The lockdown has made us even lazier and we rarely give time to our bodies. Health and fitness equate to the longevity of life and it is high time that we pay attention to it.”

Is there a personal reason behind your transformation?

Rupisha Sarkar is so inclined towards fitness because she suffered the same health issues a few years back. She says, “I was very “healthy” a year back, which is a subtle way of masking obesity by people around you. I didn’t feel healthy at all would get tired by even doing nominal work like climbing stairs.

My weight gain was also drifting my focus from music, my true passion in life. My father, who is also a certified fitness trainer, came to my rescue and made my fitness a priority. He didn’t just start with a workout right off the bat but first made me learn the correct way of dueling my body using the correct diet and nutrition. The knowledge has helped me to plan my meals accordingly and be more conscious of what I’m putting inside my body.”

How do you bring variety in workouts?
Armed with knowledge and the best possible fitness trainer, her father, Rupisha Sarkar embarked on her fitness journey. Now, she understands the logic behind each body movement and how it can help to burn fat and strengthen muscles along with it. Rupisha Sarkar says, “Workouts can get mundane very easily.

It is not fun at all to do the same batch of exercises every day. My YouTube channel consists of many workout videos that bring variety to your exercises and mostly bodyweight-based exercises. Fitness doesn’t need to rely on expensive workout equipment and our body is more than enough to make us sweat in no time.”

An inspiration for teens

Rupisha Sarkar has found her true calling in music and intends to hone her skills in the craft. Her Instagram account has witnessed a massive surge in followers which have crossed the 10K mark in just two months. Rupisha Sarkar loves her current pace in life and wants to make her family proud. 

To know more about you Rupisha please visit her website: https://rupishasarkar.com

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